FENCES a hit at Oregon Cheese Festival


Attendance at the Oregon Cheese Festival 2018 was estimated to be 6,000 people over the course of the two-day weekend. We can’t tell you what the actual number was, but we can tell you this, it was madness!

People who had been hearing about our wine poured in to taste. People who tasted our wine, sent other people over to taste. People in the other tent, heard people talking about our wine and came over to taste. It was unbelievable. The line was way long, but people waited patiently wanting to taste what all the buzz was about.  No one was disappointed. 

The only debate was which was the favorite: was it our  “Smoky Red” (2013 Red Table Wine), our 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon or our 2014 Cab Reserve?  I have my own personal preference, but I’ll never tell. But this is what I will tell you, we didn’t have enough wine to satisfy the crowd because even on the second day, when we brought significantly more cases than we did the first day, we still sold out and left them clamoring for more.  We wish every day was the Oregon Cheese Festival so everyone could taste for themselves just how good the wine is.  You don’t have to take our word for it, and you don’t have to take the word of wine connoisseurs who have judged our wines and bestowed upon them accolades and awards, or restaurant and bar owners who carry it proudly, take the word of throngs of everyday people who tasted and couldn’t wait to bring some home to enjoy!  So jump on board and give us a shot while the getting is good. We’re a small vineyard, with only 7 1/2 acres planted, so quantities are limited. We only started out with 80 cases of our Smoky Red, 470 cases of our award-winning 2014 Cab, and 270 of our award-winning Reserve. Suffice to say inventory is low. We hope you try it while we have it.  If not, you can’t blame us, we tried to tell you!

We hope you all enjoyed your St. Patrick’s Day as much as we enjoyed ours. We’re fairly certain we had a couple of leprechauns on line waiting to taste. Who knows, word of mouth, by next year half our customers might be leprechauns!

Happy everything,

Jody and David Lennon

Vinbound Marketing