Summer News Letter


It’s been an exciting summer.  To start, we only released our first wines in November and in less than a year our wine is gaining traction and recognition. We entered our 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon in the Oregon Wine Competition with no expectation given that we were competing against over 100 wineries with a total of 350 entries accepted. Even more important was the quality of the Judges—4 out of 6 were Masters of Wine and there are only 41 in the entire United States—translation: the judging standards were high. Didn’t matter, we won a SILVER MEDAL!!! We are over the moon!

You may not like green eggs and ham
But just try FENCES Sam I AM.
It won a Silver Medal you see
Try it, try it and I’ll let you be!

The other exciting thing that happened is that we finally got to taste our 2014 Reserve after 6 months in bottles—it’s delicious. Although we have yet to release it, we brought it to the Grand Tasting at the Oregon Wine Experience to gage people’s reaction to it; it was a unanimous success. A wine release party is in the planning stages and in the not too distant future it will be available for purchase. We’ll keep you posted.

We’re bound to make some mistakes along the way so here we go. We wanted custom colored foils for our Reserve, but we didn’t order them in ample time.  Normally foils/capsules are applied by automated equipment during the bottling process, but we figured how hard can it be so we went ahead and bottled without the foils. While the foils do look beautiful, 6 of us spent two full days hand-applying them to 7,000 bottles!  Rookie mistake. Live and learn.  Checkout the video (all 13 seconds of it).


Overall, it’s been a great summer with a lot of company here on the vineyard. The grapes look fantastic and are clearly enjoying the extreme heat more than we are. We’ve made sure to do other things to stay cool including whitewater rafting down the Rogue River. We have at least 6 weeks to go before harvest, and in the meantime, we’re very busy on the vineyard. We hope wherever you are you are getting in your last licks of summer!

Finally, to all of our Club Members, we are delaying your next shipment until October 1st due to extreme heat across the country so that you don’t have to pay for overnight shipping. FYI, the Reserve will definitely be included in your next shipment. If you purchase at any time between shipments, don't forget you are automatically entitled to a discount as a Member of the Club.  An invitation to our Member Dinner in the vineyard is coming, but save the date: October 7th. 

Until next time, Cheers!
Jody & David Lennon

Jody Lennon